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CWMC has identified the need for support to the local business community and third sector in Coventry and Warwickshire, who wish to employ radio advertising within their marketing strategy. For example, Stephen Banbury – CEO of Voluntary Action Coventry and Chair of the Coventry Partnership – in discussions with CWMC, has noted that many of his clients have found it difficult to obtain suitable advertising on existing local commercial radio stations at a price to match their budgets and in finding consultants sympathetic and understanding of the particular needs of the third sector.

The unique selling point of CWMC will be its ability to develop on-going local relationships with the above businesses in offering a complete consultancy package from initial contact and formulation of aims and objectives to the facilitation and implementation of a creative strategy.

This service, whilst not dependant on Radio Plus, will enhance the service by broadcasting the adverts.

The nature of the local relationship and CWMC’s ability to undercut existing London-based or external agencies – a key factor in the present economic climate - offers an attractive alternative. This unique selling point would then compliment CWMC’s expertise in marketing and training to provide a holistic, tailored service to the specific needs of individual companies and organisations.


Radio Plus

Radio Plus, Coventry Radio Station

NOW LIVE on 101.5FM
Radio Plus is now live in Coventry and surrounding areas on 101.5 FM. You can listen to the online stream via the Radio Plus website:

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