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Coventry and Warwickshire Media Community Ltd. (CWMC) is a not-for-profit social enterprise company, limited by guarantee (no. 064613333) established in 2007. Its directors came together with a common vision to provide a Christian media voice in Coventry and the surrounding areas and to help build understanding and cohesion on behalf of the churches of Coventry to the wider community. The desire of the directors is to see the whole of Coventry prosper spiritually, economically and socially and to foster collaboration among the media community.

CWMC is a community and people-focused business that reflects the values and beliefs of its founders. The directors listed below envisage that within five years CWMC will be a unique and self-sustaining business, operating a successful community radio station, providing internet access, training and consultancy services and providing local employment opportunities.

Tim ColemanTim Coleman

Tim has over 18 years of experience in radio production, presentation and project management. He cut his teeth with The Archers on BBC Radio 4, before a range of Radio 4 shows including Just a Minute, Sorry I Haven’t a Clue and Farming Today and with experience on Radio 5 Live, The World Service and BBC Local Radio. Tim is passionate about using radio as a catalyst for positively changed lives, with development project experience in Zambia, Nigeria and Kosovo. Qualified to teach in Broadcast Journalism, Tim is the founder and Managing Director of CWMC.

John BlackburnJohn Blackburn

John has nine years experience in managing a community organization and registered charity, including leasing a building, managing a team of forty volunteers, developing links with other statutory and voluntary bodies across Coventry and financial management. This experience is invaluable to CWMC.

Rebecca NeelyRebecca Neely

Rebecca Neely has over ten years experience working with charities and churches, managing a number of projects. She has recently trained as a DISC consultant (personal development/organizational development training) to help organizations grow in value-oriented development of their people. Rebecca’s established links with the third sector across Coventry is vital in ensuring continuing support from the community for CWMC. In addition, her experience in financial administration and management will help to ensure the smooth running of the company.

Sandra GodleySandra Godley

Sandra is an experienced Project Manager with a real passion for the arts. As an award winning solo artist, she brings a colourful mix of skills and experience. In 2007 she had the joy of presenting several programmes on ‘Radio Hope’, she’s performed live on a variety of BBC Coventry and Warwickshire Radio shows, festivals, concerts, award ceremonies etc. She is also a professional Events Specialist and has worked for some of the region’s most prestigious venues.


Radio Plus

Radio Plus, Coventry Radio Station

NOW LIVE on 101.5FM
Radio Plus is now live in Coventry and surrounding areas on 101.5 FM. You can listen to the online stream via the Radio Plus website:

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